• NUBILIUM - Overview

    NUBILIUM was created by Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. in 2006 and dedicated primarily to its ERP customers offered in SaaS

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    What’s New


    NUBLIUM platform 2.0 Era

    At the end of 2012, NUBLIUM 2.0 project was presented and on 1st quarter of 2013, comes to life.


    Begin the NUBILIUM 2.0 Era.

    New feature, BYOD & MOBILE oriented, IPv6 ready. Exactly sized to each customer. Security & Privacy are one of our principal milestones. NUBILIUM is always and everywhere.

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  • Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. Profile

    Our History

    Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. implements complete and integrated IT solutions for the management and the administration of production and distribution companies, but also for the management in the Local Public Administration and in the Health care sector.

    The LABoratory of INFormatics, was born at the end of the Seventies in order to answer the increasing computerization needs arisen in that period.

    Experience and know-how reached by the team during 20 years of work closely with its customers and with the available resources, Labinf Sistemi has established itself on the management software market with an agile and specialized structure, which is able to realize innovative and customized solutions, in tune with the customer's growth needs.

    Our IT solutions, customized and modular, first of all aim to provide an high quality service. 'Quality' always means for us to guarantee the respect and the satisfaction for the client, through an high qualified consultancy, an innovative development activity and a timely assistance.

    In 2006 start SaaS adventure. Starting from few customers that need flexibility and world wide solution for our ERP, NUBLIUM increase the offer and platform capability. Our Cloud IaaS suppliers are the most well known brands on the world.

    In 2014 start NUBLIUM 2.0 ERA. The platform became a world wide solution with a Single Point Of Access. All business ICT instruments will be available in a unique platform world wide.

    More About Us
  • Servers, VDI & Telework

    NUBILIUM can provide any kind of server on Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud IaaS. Windows and/or Linux platform are supported. Dedicated networking can be provided.

    Labinf Sistemi ERP Platform or your owned ERP can be adopted in NUBILIUM Platform. Big DATA, CRM, Business Analytics and all backoffice system are supported.

    Forget Desktop Dependence. NUBILIUM VDI Platform, provide a full managed desktop with all your application, accessible via common browser from ANY device connected to internet.

    NUBILIUM give embedded with VDI, many Back Office Open Source instruments. With a separate licensing model, are available also Microsoft Office tools.

    NUBILIUM Telework. Why not? With VDI and a internet connection, you can remodulate employment agreement, reducing travelling loose time, no borders office with globalization view.

    Security & Privacy

    NUBILIUM is not interested in the content of your data. NUBILIUM is interested on safety of your data. We give all information and support for generate YOUR PERSONAL KEY, unknown to us.

    Employees do not completely faithful? Fear of disclosure of business secrets? NUBILIUM DLP prevent them. You can decide which data give to who and how he can use them.

    NUBILIUM ONION SECURITY is a complex multi-layered security called onion. Complex identification systems, only allow access to authorized users and only to the level granted.

    NUBILIUM IPS grant a complementary security to ONION SECURITY. To avoid malware actions or user physically under threat on trusted users and device, NUBILIUM IPS can block it.

    NUBILIUM FINGERPRINT is a complex multi-part identification system. Not only user & password match can access to NUBILIUM SYSTEM. All connection informations must match FINGERPRINT.

    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    STORAGE. A common problem for backup is storage Space. With NUBILIUM this is no more a problem. Storage as a Service is provided to a infinite size.

    ONLINE COPY. NUBILIUM Backup & DR offer a continuous protection both to your virtual & physical environment with a specular copy. In disaster case, just connect and power it on.

    3C LEGACY RULE. Avoid low Capabilities, high Complexity & high Costs. 3-2-1 Rule say 3 copies of anything you care about - 2 different formats - 1 off-site backup. NUBILIUM is an opportunity.

    SINGLE DEVICE. Not only server can be backupped. Also single device can be saved in NUBILIUM Backup & DR. A self service tool give you a complete functionality for backup & restore your files.

    CLASSIC SERVER. Physical environment must be a problem in case of hardware replacement. NUBILIUM Backup & DR give you the opportunity to backup them inside a virtual environment.

    Sync World Wide

    WORLD WIDE. Your business with NUBILIUM have no borders. Your business informations can be shared and synchronized everywhere with every device. In totally safety as NUBILIUM milestone.

    Documents, Reports, forecast, datasheets, technical documents will be worked and re-synchronized on NUBLIUM. No borders and global information on your business.

    OBJECT Storage & Big DATA. The collected data become more big as the time go away. So Objects and data claim more space and more capabilities in search engine. NUBILIUM BIG DATA is a solution.

    IPv6 become an indispensable goal for "internet of things". NUBILIUM is ready for connect "things" on IPv6 stack. Install your application & manage your "internet thing" using IPv6.

    Internet of things". On 1980 was unpredictable we can telephone with a mobile device. On 2010 era was unbelievable live without a smartphone. The future say it's unbelievable not connect a washing machine.

    Web Meeting & Collaboration

    NO BORDERS. Communicate, share an discuss your ideas without borders. Just time zone could be a problem. Organize meetings with people all around the world.

    REDUCE TRAVEL. Explain your ideas all around the world, without the people move. Save the cost of travels. Travel times are a waste of time. It's unproductive time.

    SHARE. All common Back Office documents can be shared during the meeting. Not only voice and video. A dashboard and a one to many and one to one live chat can be used.

    OPTIMIZE. For on site meeting you loose time for organize, choose a date shared for participants and so on. Webmeeting require the participants are free for meeting time.

    TEACH. Not only for meeting. You can provide e-learning session. For example.. How can assist your technician who need to learn something about a machine to repair? NUBILIUM save you.

    Monitoring ICT & Security Systems

    ICT INFRASTRUCTURE. Classic monitoring for server, network, storage and so on monitoring, can be provided with 99,999% of compliance and functionality.

    SECURITY SYSTEM. The most common intrusion protection alarms, are stand alone. NUBILIUM offer a customizable & Cloud based solution.

    VIDEOSURVEY. xDSL connections don't give you the possibility to connect directly to your video survey system? Connect them to NUBILIUM and see your cams on the Cloud.

    ENVIRONMENT MONITORING. NUBILIUM & ARDUINO(TM) can offer a 360° environmental sensor solution. A fully customizable platform give you a powerful solution for your needs.

    SAFETY FIRST. NUBILIUM is focused on safeguard to your ICT, your property & your business place. Cloud based... Always.... & Everywhere....

  • Services

    ERP Software in SaaS mode.

    The ERP management system of Labinf Sistemi is perfect for the management of small and medium enterprises, developed to handle even the most complex processes, always ensuring an excellent value for money, speed of implementation and simplicity of use. Allows your company to be faster and more flexible, in all respects. Visit ERP LABINF SISTEMI

    Service Management

    Labinf Sistemi develops for many years a policy of partnership with the key players in the market. The partnerships allow us to offer, through our Operations Center, a specific offer of maintenance, technological, application and system support, that solves exhaustive and specific customer needs. This offer is declined according to a modular range of performance, with high added value, based on the management of the interventions of maintenance or support. Visit Service Management LABINF SISTEMI

    ICT Outsourcing

    Focus on your business, we provide the ICT! Labinf Sistemi can offer you a fully or partial managed Outsourcing solution. We take care about your actual & future ICT system and clients. IMAC/R is one of our services (Install, Move, Add, Change or Remove). All your computer equipment will be inventoried and managed. Visit Outsourcing LABINF SISTEMI

    ICT consulting & design - Project Management

    The introduction of an integrated information system involves a technical and organizational complexity. The professional project management ensures the achievement of the goal, in a targeted and timely, using the available resources. The professionals of Labinf Sistemi guarantee a good workflow of the project development, without trouble and act as interfaces to all people involved into the project. Visit Consulting LABINF SISTEMI

  • Contact Info

    NUBILIUM - Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. XXV Aprile 56/a
    13899 Santhià (VC) - ITALY

    NUBILIUM Information


    +39 0161 928518
    +39 0161 928599

    NUBILIUM sales department


    +39 0161 928523
    +39 0161 928599

    Our Location


    Labinf Sistemi S.r.l.
    HeadQuarters: XXV Aprile 56/a - 13048 Santhià (VC)
    Phone: +39 0161 928518 Fax: +39 0161 928599
    Registered Office: Viale Milanofiori Strada 1 Palazzo F/1 - 20090 Assago (MI)
    Capital 156.000€
    N. REA 1569128 – R.I. Milano & Tax Code 00532510070
    VAT nr. IT 12552470150

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    Single POP (Point Of Presence)

    Single point of access to all information and business applications. You can deliver all kind of your business information. You can provide your business information across different user profiles in order to regulate "who sees what". emails, documents, reports, business analysis, web collaboration, erp and other business applications (both client and server that three tier), will be accessible from a single point of access. NUBILIUM is platform independent so can be used on any fixed and mobile device with a network connection.

    Aware to the BYOD phenomenon. You can quietly deliver your information an application to BYOD device (Bring Your Own Device). The information stay and remain on your NUBILIUM Cloud. Different levels of user profile are delivered to give maximum flexibility and reliability management.

    Security & Privacy

    Be you the real owner of your data. NUBILIUM give you the platform, storage & computational resource. The key for encryption of your data is retained by YOU and not by NUBILIUM!! All Backup & Disaster recovery alternative places, will be automatically encripted from the source. Our mission is to protect your data. Feel protected by digital fraud and information theft. NUBLIUM has complex protection systems "onion style " to ensure security of data. Only you can access your information.

    Consider NUBILIUM as a bank safe deposit box. For open it, will be required two keys. The bank key and the customer key.

    All communications between NUBILIUM and the customers, will be encrypted by this method. You are sure that nobody unauthorized can hear you during a web meeting session, steal strategic information or inject malicious code in your environment.

    NUBILIUM.... Safe, Efficient and Fast. Don't loose more time. CHOOSE IT!!!